Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2016 Review

 When choosing a van for sale, there is nothing better suited and customized for your transport needs than a Mercedes Benz Sprinter. The Sprinter is the biggest of Mercedes Benz’s vans, and has sold over 3 million units worldwide since 1995.Its official website claims to be the ‘best in class with the most variants. We take a closer look at this model van.

Specifications for the standard Sprinter:

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter is highly customized according to the buyer’s preference.

  • 4 body lengths and 3 wheelbases
  • It has a loading length of up to 470cm with a maximum height of 214cm
  • There are 3 roof variants
  • It can be equipped with numerous engine parts and equipment extras
  • Weight capabilities of between 3-5 tons

The designers at Mercedes Benz have put a lot of effort to make sprinter van driving as comfortable as possible:

  • Easy-to-adjust steering wheel with comfortable grip
  • The four pairs of buttons on the steering wheel can change computer functions, radio volume, telephone and ASSYST.
  • This is whilst the driver has two hands on the steering wheel
  • The new gear design is more ergonomic than previous models, giving more space for the driver
  • Start-off Assist® helps with start-offs on a gradient

Sprinter Dualiner

If you need more of a people mover than a cargo one, the Dualiner® is an excellent van for sale.

  • It can come with a 2 or 3 seating configuration
  • It has a super single tyre with a GVW of 4.6 tons
  • It can also come fixed with a window panel

Comparison with other current vans for sale:


Other comparable vans for sale on the market include the Ford Transit 2016 and Nissan VI 2016. However both do not compare with the spacious interiors or drivability that the Mercedes Benz Sprinter can offer. This is given that Mercedes Benz started the trend away from a boxy-type cargo van to a more driveable SUV. Click here!


Most reviewers including Edmundsand have commented on the Sprinter’s versatility and unmatched roof space. For example, the Ford Transit 2016 has 150roof space compared to the Mercedez Benz Sprinter which has 214. That the 2016 model does come with a highprice tag (between $32,000- $40,000), though the Ford Transit 2016 comes in at an average $4000 cheaper.

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter does have an average of a 4-cylinder engine, compared to the Ford Transit 2016, which has a 5-cylinder engine.


The Mercedes Benz Sprinter van is an excellent van for sale, with unrivalled versatility. This is whether you’re looking to transport passengers or goods. There are also a wide variety of extras you can add, like 2 or 3 passenger seats and window panels.The driver experience is unmatched with a genuine SUV feel. This is in contrast to the Ram ProMaster, which has an uncomfortable and awkward steering wheel configuration.

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