How do fridge vans work?

From large national companies to small private businesses fridge vans are a must. Fridge vans are essential for the businesses of catering and food delivery, butchers, fishmongers, event and wedding caterers, pharmaceutical companies and many others. Any business that deals in perishable food items must own a fridge van. These refrigerated vans may seem very mysterious in its structure but basically its machinery is almost the same as that of a regular fridge in your home kitchen.see more from

Apparatus: A fridge van uses the same sort of apparatus as is used by a regular kitchen fridge i.e.

  1. Condenser: It contains a network of thin pipes with a special fluid inside. This fluid transforms into gas on absorbing heat. Therefore, as it circulates in the network of pipes, it absorbs the heat and becomes a gas. As the gas reaches to the other end of the pipe network, it goes into the compressor.
  2. Compressor: Inside the compressor, the gas is compressed down to an extremely high pressure.
  3. Evaporator: Then comes the evaporator, it pushes air from the outside into the high-pressure gas. This process cools down the gas and transforms it into liquid again. The heat is dispensed into the atmosphere. And we get a highly reduced temperature inside the insulated area.

Electricity: Running a cooling process takes electrical power. And the source of this electrical power is what differentiates a regular fridge in your home from your refrigerated van. A fridge van draws its electrical power directly from its engine. Separate generators are also used for this purpose. It helps in keeping the engine alive for longer hours.

Insulation: A refrigerated van has a much thicker and high quality layer of insulating material made from a high density polymer foam which contains miniscule air bubbles because the fridge van is outside and there’s a heat generating engine in front of it.

Now-a-days fridge van conversions are also available. It is done by striping the base vehicle, filling the cavities with foam and insulation, sealing all joints, laminating all of the panels, and fitting the appropriate fridge unit. They are durable, well engineered, efficient and cost effective. Therefore, now you can surely convert your sprinter van into a fridge van easily.


Many renowned companies make fridge vans. For example, Renault traffic freezer van, Mercedes Benz Van and many others. However, in market used fridge vans are available for sale too. Following key points must be kept in mind when shopping a new or used fridge van;

  1. What temperature do you need to chill your goods at?
  2. Do you need a chiller van or a freezer van?
  3. Will your business require de-frosting the goods in your van?
  4. Will you need overnight refrigeration in your van?
  5. How long you are going to need your fridge van?
  6. Either you need a semi freezer or full freezer van?
  7. Also check its resale value.
  8. It must be in accordance with ATP (Accord Transport Perishable).

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