Do You Think That You Could Guess Which Are the 3 Most Popular Cars Chosen by Women in 2017?

Think about all of the cars which you have seen released throughout 2017. Once you have the ones which gained your notice in mind, think about the top three which you think women around the country would choose.

Have you thought about it and have your top three in mind? Okay, here we go.

Volvo XC90

Starting with the biggest car first, it’s Volvo’s SUV offering in the form of the XC90. Boasting a powerful 400 horsepower engine, this large-bodied SUV can get you and your family to a top speed of 132 miles per hour. Of course, not that you would ever really be doing this, but it’s a good metric to measure the engine power with.

In addition to its size to power ratio, the XC90 also offers a decent 24 miles to the gallon. While this can’t compare to the other cars on the list, for a vehicle of its size it’s an impressive feat. While it isn’t nearly impressive enough to use for inner-city driving purposes, if you are traveling long distances and need to transport a lot of people or a lot of objects, then this is a decent level to achieve.

Audi A3

Up next is Audi’s sedan offering in the form of the A3. Giving you a whopping 220 horsepower engine, the A3 can take you from a standing start to 60 miles an hour in 5.4 seconds. With a maximum speed of 129 miles per hours, if you’re looking for a solid powerful sedan that doesn’t go overboard with the engine, this is it.

While it doesn’t offer the most power for a small car, it’s the biggest feature is interior size. While it may look small on the outside, it has plenty of room to fit all of the orders from the Groupon Coupons page for LL Bean you collect from the post office or to fit a decent amount of children’s sporting gear.

BMW 7 Series

When it comes to power, you can’t go past the BMW 7 Series. Offering drivers a ridiculously powerful 320 horsepower engine, this choice proves once and for all that women aren’t limited to SUVs and Minivans, and instead shows that it’s time for you to adjust your thinking!

Just as you would expect from BMW, the car is packed full with a range of entertainment, connectivity options, safety features, and sensors to make your driving experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible. As anybody who enjoys cars knows, keeping at the forefront of technology has always been a strong point of BMW, and the 7 series is no exception.

Whether it’s iPhone or Android connectivity, individual climate controls, and even device charging stations, the 7 series has it all.

So, how did you go? Were you even close or was your list full of minivans and SUVs? If so, then it’s definitely time to adjust your way of thinking.

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